4 amazing Renyoo design templates and how to use them.

Renyoo-Blog Image-4 amazing Renyoo design templates and how to use them.
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Here’s the thing about creating content, it’s a process that takes skill, time, and a whole lot of effort especially if you’re starting from scratch. However, today’s content creators and designers have the advantage of drawing inspiration from a ton of resources including dedicated sites such as Pinterest, Behance, and Dribble.

There has also been a rise in the use of design templates to create content. A template is basically a premade document or image file that can be customized to meet your specific use cases. Whether it’s designing an invite for your wedding or a flyer for your local business, predesigned templates make your life so much easier.

Renyoo is on a mission to make content creation much simpler and quicker for creators and has introduced a range of premade templates to help you get started and create content in minutes. Simply go to ‘Vault’ in your Renyoo profile and click on Templates to access them.

We’ve identified the top niches in which our users are creating content and have predesigned beautiful design templates for these use cases. We’ve currently created templates for Travel, Health and Fitness, Utilities, and Sports with more categories being added as we speak. Let’s take a quick look at each of these templates and how you can get started creating content using them.

Travel Templates

Renyoo’s travel design templates are designed to help you create visual content for your travel blog, website or social media posts. Simply pick the template from your vault and get creative by adding ‘Hotspots’ detailing your stories surrounding the places you’ve visited. You can embed Youtube Videos, Podcasts, Photo albums, URLs and more. Renyoo helps you document your travels and transport your audience to the epicentre of the action.

Health and Fitness

If you’re into hitting the gym then you know that it’s essential to keep track of your daily workouts to maximize the benefits. It requires dedication to log your fitness routine so that you’re constantly able to measure your progress. Renyoo’s Fitness tracker templates allow you to quickly log your fitness and health information in your preferred format. You can even add voice notes as reminders for every day of the week to make sure you’re on track. For eg; if Monday is Leg Day you can add a reminder to drink enough Electrolytes to avoid leg cramps. You can also note down the exact exercises day by day to ensure that you’re not missing out on any muscle groups. They can also be used by gyms to create educational content such as manuals and guidelines or even marketing content.


The utilities template is a design template that’s useful in a professional context. They can be used to create project plans or timelines with detailed tracking of activities, time taken, performance, instructions and more. This can be a great help with organizing internal teams as well as scheduling daily activities and tasks. You can choose to embed Audio, Video, URLs and more to add context to your tasks so that they become much easier and clear cut for fellow teammates and collaborators.


The sports template is a favourite of our users and can be used to create content around major sporting events such as the Cricket World Cup, English Premier League and so on. Just add the logos of your favourite team and embed the rich content in the form of a Hotspot. Whether it’s a picture of you cheering for the team, your favourite team anthem or even match timetables to make sure you don’t miss a single game. The sports template is a great way for fans to start creating and sharing content about their favourite sporting moments.


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