A step by step guide to using Renyoo for your Business.

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In an age when AI is taking over the world and we’re all on the verge of being rendered redundant, what is the final bastion of competitive advantage for a business? Is it a better quality of the product, or is it competitive pricing or is it after-sales service?

Well what if we told you, it’s none of these. Right now your greatest asset as a company and the thing you should truly value is your brand. Building a brand is crucial to your success. You create a persona, identity and a perception for yourself. Every bit of content you create helps strike a brand recall and adds to your brand image.

That’s how companies become great, they move the conversation away from just the product and begin to portray themselves as a lifestyle choice. If we love the content that’s being churned out by a company, well we tend to love their brand and finally we tend to buy their product.

So, how do you produce more of this content that’s on brand and consistent?

Well, you could hire a design team, a branding head, or even outsource to an agency. However, what if you’re at a stage where you can’t afford any of this. You’re starting off from your garage and you’re really the only evangelist the product has. Does this mean you don’t need to create content? Oh, heavens no…. you need to be churning out content more than ever.

Thankfully, Innovative Content Creation tools like Renyoo have made it much easier to make amazing visual content within minutes.

So, how do you create content for your business on Renyoo?

Step 1: Start with a picture.

Pick an image from your gallery or use your camera. This is the base of the content that you’re going to create so make sure you pick a high-quality image that represents your product well. Now let’s say that you’re a phone brand that’s looking to promote their latest flagship model. All you need to do is click a picture and upload the image to Renyoo, simple, isn’t it.

Step 2: Add hotspots to your image.

A hotspot is nothing but a bit of contextual information that you add to your image, this can be in the form of audio, video, a website URL or plain text. Now in the case of the phone company, you’ll try to add hotspots that explain the features of your new phone in detail. Just go on and keep adding, 32 Megapixel camera, 8 GB RAM, Fingerprint Unlock, 64 Gigs of memory the entire laundry list. You can add up to 9 hotspots to a single image, neat isn’t it?


Step 3: Move, add, delete your hotspot.

The best part is that your Hotspots can be changed and edited at any time. Unlike static images, you get to keep working on your creative based on user feedback. So next time, you get some feedback, don’t start from scratch, just move things around.

Now that you’ve created content, don’t you wish you could get feedback from your team?

Well, we’ve made working on group design projects super easy with ‘collaborate’. It’s designed to be super intuitive and helps you save time and iterations by allowing you to gather pointed feedback with context. Collaborate enables you to send your designs to friends, peers, or management and compiles all their feedback in one place.

Renyoo allows you to collaborate on creative projects within the app, here’s how.

Step 1: Go to your Friends section on Renyoo.

You’ll find all the friends that are on the Renyoo app here, if they’re not on the app yet you can send them an invite from your profile section.

Step 2: Add collaborators.

Simply select the friends you want to collaborate with on this project. Click on ‘Start Collaboration’ to make the file accessible to everyone. That’s it you can now work on creative projects together with anyone from your team.

Step 3: Access and save collaborations in your vault.

All the files that you’ve collaborated on with your friends are automatically saved to the collaborations folder in your drive.

Ok, we’ve done all that we could internally, now if only you could test this creative out with the whole world.

We’ve enhanced the Renyoo experience for our creators with a social feature that lets you plug into a like-minded community. It’s a haven for people who think visually and are looking for inspiration for their creative projects. Renyoo now lets you share your collections and projects and get feedback from a global user base.

So you can share and get feedback from Renyoo’s community of creators, here’s how.

Step 1: Publish the project you want to share.

Once you finish a project on Renyoo you can now share it publicly within the platform. Make sure that you add the right Hashtags and publish it in the right channel to make sure your posts receive the right kind of attention.

Step 2: Gather feedback

Once published, you can start requesting feedback on your creative projects by tagging other Renyoo users. The more popular your post becomes, the more visible it is on the Renyoo public timeline, so start tagging and promoting your work right away.

Step 3: Get inspired

Renyoo’s users are a creative bunch, they’ve used the platform to create amazing visual content for their campaigns, portfolios, blogs, websites, and more. If you’re ever running low on ideas, just follow a few prolific Renyoo users and you’ll get all the creative fuel you need to get back in business. Most users are friendly and eager to share their tips and tricks with you.

Once you’re sure the creative is perfect, go ahead share it with the world.

Now that you’ve created a great visual, the next challenge is integrating it into your website, blog, or emailer. Doesn’t that need expert HTML developers and coding assistance, well what if we told you that you could just DIY it on Renyoo.

Step 1. Verify your website/blog

Go to your profile on the Renyoo app. Click on Register Site under the ‘Embed Code’ option.
Enter your website name, URL and a short description about it. Click on receive public requests to give everyone the ability to create verified embeds for your website. Click on verify and that’s it. you’ve been registered.

Step 2: Share or export your projects from Renyoo.

Share or export your projects using our multiple social and email options or even add it to your calendar. (the shared URL remains secured and available only for 24 hours).

Step 3: Embed images onto your verified site.

Click on embed code option on the image menu. Select the website that you want to generate the code for from a list of verified websites. That’s all you’re ready to start embedding.

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