Shop better, Shop with ease: Creating shopping lists with Renyoo!

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Shopping has turned out to be a frequent activity of our lives. Whether it’s your regular supermarket visit, your festival shopping spree or the new “impulse” shopping bug most of us are bitten with. And shopping lists are an essential part of your shopping. In the good old days, creating shopping lists on paper was the norm. But there was a high chance of losing the list or forgetting it at home. Smartphones have emerged as a boon for shoppers. Now they can create a list on their device and access it anywhere, anytime.

We have an even better solution in our upcoming app ‘Renyoo’.

How Renyoo works?

Renyoo is our latest mobile app for iOS and Android that helps you-

  • Highlight and annotate pictures
  • Add text, audio, and videos to your photos
  • Add Tags to your picture
  • Create Collections to catalog pictures
  • Easily search and retrieve your pictures
  • Add smart GeoTags and location-based alerts
  • Share it with friends via email or social media

How Renyoo helps you create shopping lists with ease?

A shopping trip has 3 essential parts: figuring out what to buy, creating a list and shopping at the store. Renyoo helps you in every step whether you’re shopping for groceries or updating your wardrobe with the latest fashion. Let’s see how-

Figuring out what to buy

We carry our smartphones everywhere, all the time.  Liked a shoe your friend is wearing? Take a pic of it with your phone’s camera. Not sure where to find the shoes? Ask your friend where he bought it and feed the details in a text, audio or video form using our app. Renyoo allows you to create hotspots on your pictures and feed content into it. You can add up to 9 hotspots and feed it with text, audio, images, video and URL.

Liked a jacket online? Click a picture of it and feed the URL in the hotspot. Check for the jacket in your weekend mall outings.

Similarly, you can use our app to create lists for shopping groceries, toys for your kids. Just click pics and feed the details.

grocery shopping lists
Add Hotspots to your grocery items!
fashion shopping lists
Add hotspots to your fashion wishlist!

Creating Lists

Now that you have figured out what are the things to buy, it’s time to organize and create a list. Renyoo allows you create Collections for this. Add your pics in various collections like ‘groceries’, ‘clothes’ and ‘kids’.

organize your shopping lists
Create Collections!

You can also add Tags to your pictures. Tags are quick keywords that allow you to search for them for easy retrieval. All your wedding shopping pictures can have tags like wedding, dresses, makeup, venues etc. The Renyoo search also works on your Hotspot Labels, Descriptions and POD Notes.

visual shopping lists
Add Tags to your Pictures and search and find them easily!

POD Notes are simple descriptions you add to the POD to set maybe a context why you created it in the first place.

Your shopping list is ready. Now time to shop.

Shopping at the Store

Now you won’t get all the items in one store. Groceries have to be bought at grocery stores or food market, kids items like stationery and books are available in different stores etc. Add smart GeoTags to your pics and create location-based collections. Set Remind Me alerts so that you Renyoo can remind you to view your shopping list the moment you are near a geotagged store.

geotag shopping lists
Add GeoTags to your pictures and set them to alert you when you are around the location!

Once you’re done with your shopping and collect the bill, don’t forget to take a pic of it and feed-in desired details so that you know what exactly you’ve bought when you’re shopping next time. Maybe create a Collection of your bills. (Nice Idea! Isn’t it?)

Renyoo makes it extremely easy for you to organize your lists and help you enjoy shopping. What separates it from other shopping list apps is that it allows you to create a list of pictures and feed a lot of details to them so that your shopping becomes visually interactive rather than textually boring.

Download Renyoo today and renew the way you shop!

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