Creating the perfect image bank: How to organize your pictures using Renyoo.

Creating the perfect image bank: How to organize your pictures using Renyoo.
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In today’s crowded internet landscape it’s more crucial than ever to make visuals a part of your digital strategy. However, finding the right images from a repository can be a nightmare even for the most organized design team. That’s why creating your own repository of relevant images will end up saving you a lot of time in the long run.

How do create a visual repository for your brand?

Free or Paid – Choose your image sources.

There are a number of options when it comes to selecting the right images for your image bank. You can either download images from free sources such as Pexels, Pixabay, Flickr and Freepik or choose from paid sources such as Shutterstock or Imagebazaar. When picking an image from free repositories it is essential to make sure that the images are available for reuse for commercial purposes. Image attribution requirements also need to be checked to ensure that there is no infringement on intellectual property or copyright.

Collate internal photography resources.

Another great way to create a photo bank that’s contextual is to get your employees to showcase their creative side. Run weekly internal competition based on topics that you’ve identified as crucial pillars to your brand. If you’re a Restaurant then you can ask employees to creatively showcase cuisines, ambiance, culture and so on such that you’ve got a steady pipeline of creatives to rely on for your needs.

Organize your image bank using Renyoo.

Now that you’ve got a dump of images to work with, how do you make sure that they are easily searchable and accessible to your entire team?

That’s where Renyoo comes in, it’s an image annotation app that helps you organize your image files effortlessly. You can create a private photo vault for your organization and tag your images with the right context. For eg, if the image you’ve chosen is a ‘team image’ you can tag it with the right keywords such as ‘culture’, ‘team’, ‘people’ and so on.

Now once any member of your team searches the repository with these keywords, they show up in seconds ready to use. The best part of Renyoo is that you can also internally annotate these images with Audio, Video, Text, and URLs of relevant research associated with the image for eg a team image can have a Youtube video of company culture linked to it, an Audiobook, a slide deck, the options are virtually limitless. You can also change or update these image annotations at any time depending on relevance and topicality.

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