Five ways Renyoo can increase customer engagement in the fitness industry.

Five ways Renyoo can increase customer engagement in the fitness industry.
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The fitness industry has transformed to provide innovative and engaging customer experiences. Gone are the days when hitting the gym meant sweating it out with a couple of barbells and a treadmill. Today’s state of the art gyms offer a range of fitness programs such as Cross Fit, Yoga, Pilates, Barre Zumba and more.

Every single day there’s a hot new workout that’s making the headlines and gyms have to adapt to survive. Although there’s a lot of innovation happening in the way we work out, we are yet to exploit the potential of mobile applications to customize and curate more engaging and personalized experiences for everyone.

Renyoo’s image annotation technology is a tool that can be used to create mobile-friendly and interactive content experiences that can revolutionize the fitness industry. Customers are craving for more personalized and contextual content in all industries, the fitness and nutrition industry, in particular, can highly benefit from co-opting this trend.

Here’s how Renyoo’s image annotation tech is changing the face of fitness forever:

Personalize workout modules for your patrons.

Personal trainers are a luxury few people can afford. What if you could create content beforehand to meet the needs of all of your gym patrons. Depending on a patron’s BMI, existing fitness level and preferred intensity, trainers can create videos, audio clips of training sessions embed them onto images and share them with the community using Renyoo. This ensures that even regular gym goers get to experience a few of the benefits of personalized training.

Create innovative workout circuits every week.

Circuit workouts such as HIIT and CrossFit are catching on greatly with today’s gym patrons. However, it can get tiring over time and even monotonous. The best way to keep things fresh is to change the fitness circuit periodically to work out different muscle groups and ensure that the body doesn’t acclimatize to a certain workout circuit. Personal trainers can use Renyoo to create content surrounding their ‘Workout circuit’ of the week and share it with the community. This can also inspire a lot of healthy competition amongst the gym community. 

Help beginners with interactive manuals and guidelines.

If you’ve had the misfortune of joining the gym around January, you’re familiar with how there’s always an influx of first timers every new season. However, these first timers are quick to drop off as they are intimidated by the amount of new gym equipment and are too ashamed to approach their trainers or peers for help. Although getting guidance from the trainers is recommended, Renyoo can help create a discreet manual or guide for each exercise machine that can be shared over mobile. This helps first timers get access to contextual advice that helps them get over their initial fears and get on track.

Create dynamic floor plans.

If your gym is spread over a large area it can get puzzling for new users to figure out where each bit of equipment is. It’s even more confusing if your gym is the kind that keeps shuffling around equipment to accommodate yoga class or kickboxing or capoeira or whatever the flavor of the day is. The best way to keep your patrons from getting irked is updating your floor plan each time you make a major change. Renyoo’s interactive image annotation technology helps you create dynamic maps with ease. You can change your labels and content on the friendly mobile app and everyone stays updated on the go.

Encourage user-generated content.

There’s nothing that drives the sales of gym memberships more than an engaged, happy, and fit community. Gym owners can take advantage of their patron’s social media influence by creating content around the community. Monthly blogs and emailers can have collages of user’s pictures clicked at the gym along with catchy contests, quizzes, popular votes and more. An engaged online community around your gym can help open the floodgates to new customers and help them get a tour of the gym via the virtual world.

Renyoo’s image annotation tech is helping businesses worldwide create impactful visual content with ease. Get started today, reach out to us at to find out how we can help build your business.

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