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If you’re a budding Fashion Influencer on the up and coming, you’re already well aware that Fashion is a very crowded niche. There are hundreds of micro-influencers on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, and thousands of Fashion blogs vying it out for a limited pool of brand partnerships.

Turning your passion for fashion into great content is one story but monetizing it and creating a steady flow of income is another ball game altogether. To stand out in the crowd you need to offer readers great content that’s unfettered and original while providing brands with innovative ways to pitch their products.

Here’s how you can monetize your fashion blog without sacrificing editorial integrity:


Don’t clutter your Blog with Adsense.

Although Google ads used to be a great way to monetize your content, the trade-off is giving away editorial control of your blog. A blog that’s cluttered with ads screams out to your readers that your content is spammy and sponsored. Another major reason that Adsense may do more harm than good, is that more than 50% of your traffic comes from Firefox, Chrome, and Safari that have Adblock extensions rendering all your sidebar ads invisible. As customers grow more highly desensitized to ads, contextual and subtler forms of advertising such as sponsored content are what will help you monetize in the long run.

We don’t mean that you should misguide your readers by endorsing products without full disclosure, however, keeping it subtle will go a long way in helping you maintain editorial standards and keeping your blog aesthetically pleasing. The recommended mix of editorial to sponsored content has been found to be 80/20, this means that you have to be picky when it comes to choosing the brands to work with.

Strive for ‘contextual’ advertising.

As a fashion influencer, it’s all about striking the right balance between creating value for brand partners and your readers. Renyoo is an image annotation app that helps you do just that by helping you embed affiliate sales links into your blog or website as part of your visual content calendar without it being pushy and in the face of your readers.

Create contextual sponsored content using Renyoo:

Create a Lookbook with embedded affiliate links.

Creating a monthly or seasonal lookbook on your website is a way for you to plug in different brands you’ve partnered with organically. Mixing and matching is the key here, you can promote Jackets, Shirts, and Accessories of one brand while suggesting another brand’s Shoes, Denims and Jewelry. You can also mimic celebrity runway trends by suggesting cheaper alternatives to ‘high couture’ trends that are hot in Hollywood. This is a great way to promote products as millennials are highly fashion conscious and follow their favorite celebrities fashion choices across social media. Renyoo’s image annotation technology helps you embed URLs, Audio, Video and more as labels on images called ‘Hotspots’, this helps you direct your audience to purchase links without compromising on aesthetics.

Curated suggestions based on ‘Trendspotting’.

Create content around the latest trends either in ‘High fashion’ or in ‘Street style’. If you’ve been invited to a Fashion week or an opening of a Boutique, you can promote brands by reporting on the latest trends that have caught your eye. It can be a commentary on how Tie-dyes are now the ‘in thing’, how oversized frames have made a comeback or that ‘Dad shoes’ by brands such as Balenciaga, Yeezys, and New balances have become must-haves of every millennials closet. Renyoo’s Hotspots help you plug in different brands that are following the latest trends and recommend them to your audience.

Export and embed effortlessly:

The best part of creating visual content using Renyoo is that there are no dependencies on Code or Design. You can export all creatives made on the platform as a simple HTML embed code. This can be added onto your website and blog, no matter what CMS you use. The best part is you have the flexibility to change and update them later based on your latest brand partnerships.

Start Monetizing your content today Download Renyoo!

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