Introducing Collaborations on Renyoo! The “Google Doc” of Pictures!

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Collaboration in Google Docs opened new opportunities  for working on documents with a set of people that can add value or are absolutely essential for the final content . Today we share documents with our friends and colleagues and everyone can work together on it from anywhere across the globe. We can edit, make changes and add new content to documents, sheets, slides and more. It’s all there in the drive, neatly organized and can be accessed anywhere, anytime and from any device.

But can you collaborate on images? Haven’t heard about it? 

Not with Google Docs. Neither with MS Office. Nor with Apple iWork. There isn’t a jolly good platform to let you do this. Since no one thought about it in terms of Pictures. 

Wouldn’t it be fun and useful if you can share images with your annotations on it and then collaborate on it with your friends, work buddies and family? We bet it would be.

Now watch this Video below:

Introducing Collaborations! Our swanky new feature that makes Renyoo all so more loveable!

Renyoo is the only app that allows you to collaborate and completely transform the way you share and update information on your photos.


What is ‘Renyoo’?

Renyoo is a mobile app that not only helps you enrich your images by adding text, videos, images etc., to your photos(we call a Picture with Annotations/Hotspots as a POD) but also allows you to share it with your friends and family and collaborate on it. Securely and easily.

And there’s more in Renyoo to help you effortlessly manage your personal and professional pictures like-

  • Annotate & highlight your photos with Hotspots (markers/annotations) and create a Picture POD
  • Enrich your Hotspots by adding text, video, audio, images and URL to them.
  • Tag your pictures for quick search.
  • Keep all your PODs organized under in the Vault in Collections.
  • Smart GeoTags for location based collections and alerts.
  • Secured photo Sharing via encrypted URL that works for 24 Hours only(that’s fun!).
  • Download PODs for offline viewing.
  • Embed your PODs on your blogs and websites.

Look at this Travel Picture POD created with the Renyoo App.


Picture Collaboration with Renyoo

Our new Collaboration feature is just the thing you needed. Here are 4 easy steps to use it-

  • Download the Renyoo app and create your account. If you are already a Renyoo user, skip this step.(Obviously!)
  • Select a photo from your phone gallery 🖼 or use your camera 📷 to take a snap.
  • Add hotspots ⭕ (those round circular markers) and add text 📝, video 📹, audio 🎵, images 📸 and URL🔗 to them. Be Creative with your hotspots. Add them to highlight an object or a context on the image. Your Picture POD is now ready. 
  • Now  go to your Options Menu  and click on   Collaboration.
  • Select your friends and Start a Collaboration. (Tip: You can always add or remove Collaborators or Stop the Collaboration anytime.)
  • All collaborators can edit the hotspots created by you and add new hotspots to the POD.
  • Don’t have your friends on Renyoo? Search for them from the   Network section and Send them Add Requests. Or Invite them over to Renyoo!


Possibilities with Collaboration

Renyoo’s new Collaboration will open up possibilities.

You can create a shopping list with Renyoo. Now share the list with your wife and kids so that they too can add/edit their grocery picks. The family shopping list is ready. Time to shop!

Just returned from holidaying with friends? Upload all the images from your phone or camera to Renyoo, catalog them into Collections and Collaborate on each image with your buddies. You and your friends can now enrich the photos with hotspots and add extra content to capture moments of the holidays. The photos are timeless now. Share them with others via Social, Email or Whatsapp on a Web Link that works for 24 Hours.

At work, we share so many documents as images and pics with colleagues. And then talk/email/message to share any additional information related to the image. With a POD, you can share the image and give your notes/suggestions at once. And add your colleagues as collaborators to take the discussion forward.

Need to take feedback from a client on the project? Maybe want to explain a design and take feedback. Take a photo of the design, add your comments/notes in hotspots to it and add your client as a collaborator. He can give you his feedback on the design by adding new hotspots to it, adding audio memos or attach reference images for a rework.

As you start using Renyoo, you will find it extremely useful. You will find new ways of using it.

Our in-app onboarding guide will help you at every step.

Download the new Renyoo app Today!




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