Introducing Timeline: Follow and track creative projects you love.

Introducing Timeline: Follow and track creative projects you love.
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Over the past year, we’ve garnered a community of users that love to use Renyoo’s extensive image annotation capabilities for their creative projects. We’ve heard from designers, marketers, photographers, and hobbyists on how the app has become their go-to-app for collaborating on a project. Users who have used the app to create amazing visual content were eager to share their projects on the platform, rather than just use it as a tool for creation.

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That’s when inspiration struck us, why not leverage on our unique community of users and give them an opportunity to find each other on the platform. We decided that the next step for us in making Renyoo a truly end to end platform for creatives would be going the social route. We’ve introduced a brand new timeline feature to improve Renyoo’s collaborative capabilities and to help our userbase build communities and interact within the app, without taking the discussion offline.

Here’s a quick look at how the Timeline works.

Share your work:

Once you finish a project on Renyoo you can now share it publicly within the platform. Make sure that you add the right Hashtags and publish it in the right channel to make sure your posts receive the right kind of attention.

Gather feedback:

Once published, you can start requesting feedback on your creative projects by tagging other Renyoo users. The more popular your post becomes, the more visible it is on the Renyoo public timeline, so start tagging and promoting your work right away. Renyoo’s niche userbase of photographers, designers, marketers, and hobbyists ensure that all the feedback you receive is constructive and valuable to help you improve your craft.

Get inspired:

Renyoo’s users are a creative bunch, they’ve used the platform to create amazing visual content for their campaigns, portfolios, blogs, websites, and more. If you’re ever running low on ideas, just follow a few prolific Renyoo users and you’ll get all the creative fuel you need to get back in business. Most users are friendly and eager to share their tips and tricks with you. Maximize the benefits you get from the platform by learning from the most creative content creators.


Once you’ve gained enough popularity on the platform, you can reach out to likeminded creators to collaborate on creative or business projects. Search for collaborators who are interested in your line of work by searching by hashtags, channels or even by location. Once you’ve got acquainted on the platform, you can start work on joint projects or collaborate on existing work by sharing access to your public work. It’s the perfect place to hunt for like-minded peers rather than casting a wide net on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, what’s even better is you can initiate contact, collaborate, and work on a joint project without ever sharing your personal information online, it’s all within the app and perfectly secure.

What’s next for the community?

At this early stage, it’s incredibly important to nurture and grow the community and prevent from turning it into a spam board. So follow posts that you’re passionate about and give feedback that adds value, it’s essential that you encourage conversations that steer towards productivity rather than spammy self-promotion.

So what are you waiting for? This is the perfect chance to build an invaluable organic following amongst our global creator community. – Join Renyoo today!

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