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What helps marquee companies become brands and inspire loyalty from their customers? One major differentiator is that brands produce content that keeps their audience engaged even when they are not actively buying from it. This content is then shared across social and digital platforms so that the captive audience is favourably primed, so that any time a buying opportunity arises, these brands are on top of their mind.

However, most companies think that creating great content requires heavy budgets and marketing teams with expensive design talent. What if you could create high-quality visual content to drive sales with a shoestring budget, sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Renyoo’s image annotation and easy collaboration features help you create great visual content at minimal costs and effort, with features designed to help you make amazing infographics, catalogs, manuals and much more in minutes Renyoo is your marketing team’s lifesaver.  Easy integration onto digital platforms such as blogs, emailers, and websites is just icing on the cake.

Compelling visual content for all kinds of business use cases:


The future of sales is digital, retailers of all kinds of products will have to turn to digital to nurture and build sales pipelines, prospect new customers, and even close the sale. Studies show that 90% of retail sales in the near future will be affected by the digital influence of a retailer. Retailers who leverage digital and publish content on their digital channels such as emailers, blogs, websites etc will find a lot more sales success than their digitally handicapped counterparts. Renyoo’s image annotation and content creation tools help you create catalogues, websites, emailers, and blogs with enriched visual content in minutes designed to appeal to ‘visual’ obsessed digital audiences.


Renyoo’s annotations feature enables educators to create technology-driven, involving learning experiences. With its high ease of use, educators and publishers can develop learning modules that are more contextual with visual aids such as diagrams, infographics, illustrations, annotations and more with minimum design and software expertise. Ebooks made using Renyoo are more immersive than regular ebooks with the use of added labels, audio notes, videos and more.


A great digital listing of your Hotel or Restaurant means better business, more bookings, and an evergreen pipeline of prospects. Renyoo helps you build rich and contextualized listings that give your prospective customers the complete picture of your property. Listings created with Renyoo’s image annotation technology helps encourage transparency on the exact amenities on offer, the square foot area of the room, the kind of drinks in the minibar and all the nitty gritty leaving zero scope for customer disappointment.


The Manufacturing industry requires contextual content to be developed on a daily basis to help guide their daily operations. This includes guidelines and instructions around operating machinery, best practices, or safety protocol to be followed. There’s also the need to develop detailed training modules to help new employees get a complete picture of the product assembly line.  Developing and updating such custom content on a regular basis can be prohibitively expensive if done in the traditional way. Renyoo’s dynamic image annotation technology helps create cost-effective visual learning modules and floor instructions that help empower employees in manufacturing or retail settings.

Looking for the perfect content creation tool for your business? – Try Renyoo today!

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