Renyoo’s quick annotation tools help you level up your marketing game

Renyoo Blog image-Renyoo's quick annotation tools help you level up your marketing game
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Marketing is all about content, and over the past decade, audiences are increasingly consuming their content on smaller mobile screens rather than on their desktop or laptop. This shift in mediums has affected preferences on the kind of content they like to consume. Reports suggest that over 91% of users prefer visual and interactive content to the traditional text-based static media. To stay in the game, marketing teams worldwide are trying churn out visual content to meet the demand.

Visual content can be in the form of photos, infographics, videos, animations, and more. These different kinds of content all add value and marketers need to create visual content on a regular basis to serve different use cases that too in little to no turnaround time. For example, a catalog or product manual may require visual content that’s text-heavy while an emailer may require content with a specific CTA such as sending the reader to a podcast, video, blog, website etc.

However, if you’re a small startup without a huge design team to speak of or experience with using tools such as Photoshop, XD, Indesign, it can be a nightmare to meet the constant demand. This leads to teams posting content few and far between due to dependencies on external resources for design inputs.

How can we help?

What if there was a tool that helps anyone with a minimum technical proficiency churn out visual content in minutes. Sounds like a dream come true right, that’s exactly why we’ve built Renyoo, to help marketing teams scale their visual content operations without requiring a massive design team. Marketing teams using Renyoo can minimize the time spent on each creative, by designing them quickly on the go using their mobile phones.

How does it work?

Renyoo is a simplified image annotation and content creation tool that helps you create visual and interactive content in a matter of seconds. Just click a picture from your phone or pick an image from your gallery. Decide on the kind of collateral you want to create and overlay the image with ‘Hotspots’ that help you add context to the content you create.

Hotspots are basically highlights on your image that help you to draw focus to a product, person, subject in the picture and overlay content on top of it. This content can be Audio, Video, Text or URLs, allowing you to drive traffic from one piece of content to the other.

Creative projects that you make on Renyoo can easily be exported and embedded into your website, blog, social media, mailers and more. This gives you the flexibility and agility to create content for your marketing requirements quickly and effortlessly.

What kind of content can I develop on Renyoo?

Sales driven – Build product catalogs, apps, and websites with enriched visual content.

Educational – Create interactive learning modules and ebooks that increase retention by 4X.

UX wireframes – Speed up your app and website development lifecycle with quick and contextual wireframing on Renyoo.

Campaign driven – Embed affiliate codes to track incoming leads from every image across your web presence.

If you’re looking for a solution to your marketing teams Content conundrum – Try out Renyoo for business

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