Store, collaborate, share, and catalog your creative projects with Renyoo’s ‘Your Corner’.

Renyoo Blog image-Store, collaborate, share, and catalog your creative projects with Renyoo’s Your Corner
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As a creative, you thrive on flexibility and experimentation and tend to have a very laidback approach towards organizing and keeping track of projects. There’s always the tendency to jump from one boat (project) to the next without taking it to completion, this is especially the case when you’re working on a personal or a freelance assignment.

There’s always this nagging feeling that it could have been better if there was a single tool where you could work on your project, collaborate with others, get pointed feedback from stakeholders, and publish it publicly to an audience that’s educated in design and creativity.

So does such a tool exist?

Renyoo is an image annotation and content creation tool that helps you create interactive content for your Websites, Emailers, Blogs and more. It has collaborative and social features so that you can coordinate group efforts as well as share publicly with an audience of your peers.

Renyoo helps you –

Create interactive content in minutes

Let’s say you’re looking to create a digital catalog for your product, for example, a toaster. Simply click a picture on your phone, upload it to Renyoo and add ‘Hotspots’ to explain your product features in detail. You can add Rich text, Product Videos, Links to your online marketplace or product manuals, all as an overlay to your image. This can then be exported for use across your marketing collateral such as Emailers, Website, Blogs and more.

Collaborate with your peers.

If you’re working on a group project that’s more elaborate such as a product manual or user guide. Renyoo allows you to get all your work done on a single shared platform. Just create a project, add your peers as collaborators and start working on the creatives in real time. You can also sort users by levels of access to keep things on a need to know basis.

Get real-time pointed feedback.

You can leave feedback and have conversations within the app to clear up any miscommunications. When projects have quick turnaround times and you need everyone on the same page, Renyoo’s simplified interface helps you keep track of all the feedback without resorting to multiple channels such as Email, WhatsApp, Slack or complex project management tools that require a learning curve. It’s just like Google docs for pictures.

Publish to a creative community.

Feedback when it comes to creative work can be a tricky ballgame, it always helps to have an educated audience of design/creative peers provide unbiased feedback before a project goes live. Companies spend millions of dollars to understand whether their Design/UX teams work is at par with the industry standard. We have attracted a community of photographers, designers, hobbyists, and marketers that can give you the kind of feedback you need to improve your craft for free.

Store all your projects in one place.

As a unified creative platform, Renyoo helps you collate all your creative projects in one place, ‘Your Corner’. ‘Your Corner’ helps you track the work under progress and store them in a private vault while completed projects can be shared publicly. Forget the hassle of storing and uploading your files onto different platforms. Renyoo lets you store all projects in one place and create a great public portfolio to share with clients and prospective employers.

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