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Way back in 2007, the Amazon Kindle changed the way we look at books forever. The humble e-reader made it practical and affordable to have a massive library of thousands of books within reach at any time. Buyers could browse from a vast collection of free and paid titles, check out previews and buy e-books for as little as 2-3$ when hardcovers ranged from 50-100$. Kindle eventually rose to become the e-reader of choice for the entire world.

However, the ebook, that predates the invention of the e-reader has remained fairly unchanged for the past decade. Most ebooks are simple static content and fail to exploit the potential of their medium and end up as just a slight upgrade to their paperback cousins. As more and more ebooks flood the market it is becoming more difficult than ever to stand out in a saturated market.

Smart marketers need to up their game to differentiate themselves, and creating interactive ebooks and content is the way to go. The interactive ebook uses the storytelling possibilities of the digital medium to the maximum and integrates multiple forms of content to engage all senses (Visual, Auditry, Reading, and Kinaesthetic). However, most marketers and publishers stick to publishing static books due to the perception that interactive books are prohibitively expensive and time taking to create.

What if you could create your own DIY interactive ebooks in a few minutes?

As users grow more familiar with using e readers, the market for interactive content is increasing exponentially. Now it’s easier than ever for authors, publishers, and hobbyists to create their own ebooks using simple tools that require little to no coding skills.

Renyoo’s ‘Hotspots’ image annotation technology helps DIY publishers and marketer create their own interactive e books with minimal effort and costs. Hotspots allow for images to be embedded with Audio, Video, Rich Text, Games and more, helping users create content that appeals to all readers. This also allows for users to guide their users on a journey across different mediums and drive traffic from their e-book to videos, websites, personal blogs and more.

Users can also use these free ebooks as a ‘bait’ to drive interested users to paid and monetized content. For example, users can provide a chapter of an ebook for free and ask readers to pay for additional content as well as all the extras such as video lectures, ebooks, HTML and flash games and more.

Looking to get started creating your own ebook? – Try Renyoo for business today.

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