How Renyoo is helping business owners maximize ROI from every pixel.

Renyoo-Blog Image-How Renyoo is helping business owners maximize ROI from every pixel.
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We all know that Content Marketing works, it’s the best way to drive traffic to your website and build your sales funnel. However, just because your content is getting likes, shares or views doesn’t mean that it’s ROI positive. If you’ve spend hundreds of dollars creating that blog, video, article or podcast to build your brand you need to make sure you’re getting a return on that investment. But just putting a big blotchy CTA on your content in the form of a red button just doesn’t work anymore. It’s not supposed to be ‘sales content’ and any inkling that it has will drive readers away, there has to be a better way though, right?

Well there is thanks to image annotation!

What’s image annotation you ask?

Image annotation is adding relevant labels to add context to your visual content. The label can be text, audio, video, a link, whatever is your moneymaker. This annotation happens via ‘Hotspots’ in our image annotation app – Renyoo.

So, how does this work with Renyoo?

Embed ‘Hotspots’ onto digital properties to create curiosity.

When you’re running a business you tend to create a lot of content over time, this can be in the form of blogs, microsites, emailers, case studies and many more. However, you can’t really add a CTA to all of these blogs as that would put off the audience for your content. It would also reduce the perceived value of your content as you’re trying to push a sale too hard on to your customers. Hotspots is your way out of this conundrum, you can simply add a hotspot to visuals across your microsite, blog, or emailer and embed it with the landing page where you convert your customers. The Hotspot appears as a small flickering point on each image, prompting the user’s natural curiosity to click and explore. This way the user is compelled to click on the CTA without a garish CTA that destroys the aesthetics of your website or blog.

Create URLs to track the performance of every visual.

When you’re spending top dollar to create visual content, it helps to track what works and what doesn’t. But how do you keep track of which visuals are generating revenue and which ones aren’t? With Renyoo you can embed a unique URL onto each image, this URL can be embedded with a specific tracking code to calculate conversions. This helps you understand which of your images are faring better with your audience.

Create more of what works for your audience using data.

Now that you’ve embedded all your images with tracking URLs all you need to do is periodically check on which ones are performing the best. It’s just like Google Analytics but specifically for your visual content. Based on the data, you can give feedback to your designers to create more content on the lines of what converted best with the audience.

Dynamically change ‘Hotspot’ data based on your latest campaigns.

In business, priorities change, what sells well today may not sell well tomorrow. You might create a new landing page or a product page every month and it can get difficult to keep setting up URL redirects for each and every bit of content out there. If only there was a backend where you could see all your visual content in one place and change their URLs dynamically. Well, Renyoo allows you to do just that. Pick your priority of the month and redirect all the URLs in your visual content to your new campaign. You don’t need to painstakingly change the URL manual for every blog, simply update it on Renyoo and it will dynamically update itself on the webpage, blog or emailer where you’ve embedded the content.

Drive ROI from every pixel.

Once you’ve got complete control over your visual content through a well organized URL backend, you can choose to drive all your traffic to your top-performing or converting page. The best part is that no matter how old your visual content, you can still keep generating revenue and traffic from it. What’s more you can direct traffic to different pages on your website based on your preferences and see an instant spike in the overall traffic and revenue stats.

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