Create ‘location sensitive’ To Do lists on Renyoo.

Create location sensitive To Do lists on Renyoo
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If you’re on a busy schedule and have to complete a huge bucket list of tasks it can get overwhelming to keep track of everything in one place. Creating a ‘To Do’ list on paper is so passe….you can now create a visual, contextual, and location sensitive list on Renyoo that sends you a reminder based on your location.

How does it work?


Carve up your daily tasks into work, home, play, etc by location.

Most of the tasks we have on our schedule are setting specific. There are some tasks that we allocate to the workplace, some chores to be done at home, and some that are done in transit or at the store, etc. Create a list with your tasks based on each setting and Geotag it with the relevant location.

Create visual lists, add audio, video and more for context.

They say that well prepared is half done, Renyoo helps you organize your life better by helping you collate all the material you need in one place, neatly, concisely, and visually. Renyoo has smart image annotation features called ‘Hotspots’ that allow you to hyperlink an image with Audio, Video, Text and more, so you can add all the details you need to help you contextualize the tasks better. For eg, if your task is meal prepping for the entire week you can add all the recipes of the dishes directly to your To Do list.

Be reminded on the go.

Once you’ve prepared your lists, Renyoo will send you a reminder about your pending tasks each time you’re at a location. So if you’re making your regular trip to the store, you don’t have to spend time searching for your shopping list. The app will automatically notify you of your groceries and your shopping list. If you’re at the gym, the app will send can send you a reminder of the workouts that you’ve scheduled for the week. Renyoo helps you break down all your tasks into manageable bite-sized chunks, so you’re no longer overwhelmed and better prepared to take on the day.

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