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There have been many attempts at creating the best medium for promoting businesses through images. But only some of them have succeeded. And even those seem to lack the one thing that makes photos or images as powerful as they have the potential to be: context.

Businesses run their marketing through images and images are contextual. If you post an image without any context, it could be wrongly interpreted. It could lead to your brand being bullied by ruthless “tweeters” out there.

In a world where things go viral fast, the situation could go south pretty quickly. And you would be looking out in horror as your brand is ripped, torn and thrown into the shredder.

You might think that adding a caption to the image would add context and save your brand from the impending doom. But the thing about the caption is, it isn’t a part of the picture. It is outside of it.

And that puts the image in a vulnerable position.

We created Renyoo with this in mind. To allow you to share your content with context and make your business branding better.

Here are 7 ways that make Renyoo useful for businesses:


1. Photo Annotation

When you post a picture on Renyoo, you can add hotspots to it and label them. Be it your product, your service, personal travel images, family photos or a click from your new office.

You label this hotspot defining what it is and add notes that give more context to the image by making it interactive.

You can enrich the image further by linking it to a blog article, a video, another image or something else on the internet via hotspots.

This is basically what adds context to your image, gives it the informational edge that lacks in the other photo sharing apps.

2. Effective Sharing and Collaboration

Renyoo makes collaborating on your projects easier. It allows for multiple contributors who can use their own hotspots in the image and add their own information on a shared project.

It also lets you share your projects to people who wish to see the samples of your work. All of this can be done securely as Renyoo has a feature that allows a 24-hour window on sharing the image, which reduces the risk of your work being stolen.

3. Just as effective for B2B as B2C

Most of the photo sharing and annotation apps focus completely on end users. Only once the user base scales, they add the businesses into the equation that too mostly via paid ads.

This leaves little scope for B2B enterprises to actively use the app for promoting themselves to the existing B2C community of app users.

However, Renyoo understands this and is built with B2B customers in mind who can enhance their social profiles and promote their business online more effectively.

4. Has an Image Bank

A distinctive feature of Renyoo is that it allows you to store the images that are relevant to your brand in a repository inside the app itself, called Image Bank. This feature allows all the collaborators on the project to choose relevant images which help you avoid being seen as incoherent and immature.

5. Helps Influencers market

If you work with an influencer on a social media platform, you know they work on visuals. You share information about your products that they use in pictures and videos. And sometimes, they focus a little too much on the product. You want them to show your product, but at the same time, you don’t want it to look obvious.

With Renyoo, this could be eliminated. Image annotation would make sure that your product is noticed without being thrown at the audience. It is more subtle and hence, believable.

6. Makes marketing easier

When you are communicating with your customers through websites, the images embedded in web pages need to act as more than just embellishment.

They need to be interactive and should not leave your customers hanging. When you add annotated images there, you could add links to them that direct the traffic to your services page or other landing pages.

7. Community of creators

There’s an awesome community of creators on Renyoo that are as interested in their work as you are. You can always create together, help each other and have a healthy exchange of valuable information, tips and tricks and insights into creating better content. That way you learn as you go. You see? Renyoo transforms your business in more ways than one.

And with so many features coming up, it’s safe to say that Renyoo is possibly the next big thing on the social mediascape. Keep your eyes open lest you miss the updates. And if you haven’t already, download the Renyoo App today!

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