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Ok here is a quick picture quiz!

Look at this picture below.

Can you identify the three iconic architectures shown in the picture ?

If you guessed Eiffel tower, you’re correct. But what about the right side? What’s on the left? Bet only a few of us would be able to correctly identify all the 3 monuments…(unless, of course, you’re French or Paris is your second home! )

Now have a look at this below!

“Gosh, I have seen them before.”

“It looked like the Louvre”

“I knew it was Notre Dame”

And now check this below!

Introducing the Picture POD powered by Renyoo.!

What you do with your images will change forever.

Tap on any of the hotspots ⭕  (colored popping circles) on the interactive picture above  to access embedded information on the like images📸 , videos📹, and URL 🔗. Click on them to view the content. (Bet, you didn’t know that there is a Joy Ride beside the Eiffel Tower!)

This is what we call a POD (Picture of Data). A picture with lots of relevant information in text, videos, audios and even links to useful resources. Created using our app – Renyoo. It’s easy! It’s fun! It’s what you have always wished for! And it’s for everyone.

But, why do we need to create Picture PODs?

Content without context is just passe’. Little information is often open to imagination. Every picture has a story. What is visible is a part of it. There’s a lot missing to a viewer. The missing information is needed to completely understand and appreciate a picture.

Also, PODs are fun. Its utility and application can only be limited by imagination. Let’s look at some cool and useful POD Ideas:


Liked a jacket online? Click a picture of it, add the brand name and feed the URL in the hotspot. Check for the jacket in your weekend mall outings. You can create a full shopping list. Know more here.


Love travelling? Then you must like taking pictures. Make interactive Picture PODs out of your snaps and share them with your friends. Create Collections of your Holidays! You can also Collaborate with your friends and family on your travel pictures.

Read this to know how Renyoo helps you create vivid travelogues!

Immortalize Personal Pics👩‍👩‍👦‍👦

Pick any photo from your device from a while ago. Do you remember what time was it? Where did you shoot it? Who shot the pic? You would need to really stress your memory to remember those details. Immortalize your precious moments by creating a POD and relive it years after.

Pranks & Banter🤣

Take a photo of your friend. Create a funny POD. Play prank and banter using it. The PODs can be shared just like Google Docs.

And lots more. If you are a blogger, you can create Picture PODs and embed in your blog. You can create cool PODs for social media and share.

PODs for Work 👨‍💼

PODs are fun. But it is also an excellent companion in your work. Whether you are a fashion designer, journalist, Salesman or an architect- you’ll find PODs to be extremely useful in your daily job. Here are some of the use cases of PODs at work-

  • Collaborate – In offices, we share so many documents as images and pics with colleagues as part of the work. And then talk/email/message to give them the context behind the image. With a POD, you can share the image and give you notes/suggestions at once.
  • Meeting Notes – Your boss has drawn the annual plan in the whiteboard. You want to note it for future use. Take a pic of the whiteboard. Add your notes and create a POD. simple!
  • Product Description – PODs are an excellent way to describe a product to a client. Take a pic of your product. Add text, video, and audio to your image giving information on the features, specification, demo etc. Share it via email or use a Tablet or Phone to show it to your client. The PODs can be downloaded for offline viewing.
  • Carry your work – With Renyoo, you can have anywhere, anytime access to your PODs — just like Google Drive and Dropbox. Have a meeting at the client’s location? Geotag pics and create location-based collections. You can set reminders to get alerts to view all the relevant PODs when you’re around the tagged location.

Can’t wait to create a Photo POD?

It’s easy. Download Renyoo app today!







Here is our extensive Getting Started guide to get you up and running with the app!

Happing “POD” ing!

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