How Renyoo helped my friend Bob, remember his wife’s relatives

How Renyoo helped my friend Bob remember his Wife’s relatives
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My friend Bob recently got married and hardly knows any of his wife Tracy’s family members.

She knows he is bad at remembering names, so she gave him a family photograph and keeps narrating stories of a few of the family members to help him remember them.

Now, Bob does love his wife but she has a huge family and that’s something he isn’t accustomed to. He hasn’t been very social in his life until now, but the poor guy wants to remember all of them by their names, remember their stories and every tiny detail. He doesn’t want Tracy to feel bad or get embarrassed because of him being unable to connect with them when they meet.

Last week, Bob got invited to his father-in-law’s 60th birthday party. He was nervous. He didn’t remember any of her relatives. Forget the stories, he couldn’t even recollect their names!

As we sat in our favourite bar that weekend, he was holding the photo that Tracy had given him trying to recollect everything she had told him.

When he told me how bad he felt about all this, I suggested that he use the photo on Renyoo to make it easy to remember. I showed him the app and its amazing photo annotation feature which could help him remember everyone.

Now, Bob might not be social but he is a little tech savvy. When he saw Renyoo’s image annotation feature, he knew exactly what he could do with it.

He took the family photo Tracy gave her and uploaded it on to the Renyoo app. He then went to Tracy, and asked her to tell him about the day she and her dad made the best sandwich in the world.  He added a “hotspot” on his father-in-law’s photo and added the anecdote.

He then asked her who among all her cousins was her favourite and why? He asked about the uncle who is a cop and about the niece who went on a solo trip to Bali. As she narrated all their stories, he kept adding “hotspots” for each of these relatives and added in the details.

He added their names, their stories and all other details he felt were important. For the stories that were too long, he recorded Tracy’s narration and linked it to the hotspots. He added a few videos too. He had captured the stories of each of her relatives on the image itself.

Now, when it was time to meet them at the Birthday party, he just refreshed his memory by going through the stories and memories on that one single photo. When he told me about the party the day after, he looked happier than I had seen him in a while. He told me how pleased all those people were when he mentioned their stories and told them how he admired them for those.

And that’s how Bob has become the man every father-in-law would approve of.

But what about you? Are you still standing in the midst of your father-in-law’s 60th party or a special occasion with no clue on the in-laws?

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