Image annotation is helping make Manufacturing environments safer and more efficient.

Renyoo Blog image- Image annotation is helping make Manufacturing environments safer and more efficient.
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The Manufacturing and Retail industry requires contextual content to be developed on a daily basis help guide their daily operations. This includes guidelines and instructions around operating machinery, best practices, or safety protocol to be followed. There’s also the need to develop detailed training modules to help new employees get a complete picture of the product assembly line.

This training process is integral to avoid potential health and safety hazards, especially when working with heavy machinery or with toxic chemicals, substances. The major problem faced by companies during this training phase is that Blue-collar employees tend to prefer content that’s visual and attractive rather than reading content heavy product or user manuals. Developing and updating such custom content on a regular basis can be prohibitively expensive if done in the traditional way. In the absence of such content, the steep learning curve may take up a large chunk of productive time of newly hired employees.

Learning tech can help your employees learn 4X faster!

Renyoo has developed ‘Hotspots’, a  dynamic image annotation technology that helps to create cost-effective visual learning modules and floor instructions that guide employees around manufacturing or retail environments. Hotspots allow users to embed images with Rich Text, Audio, Video and more, allowing the user to choose his preferred learning medium. Hotspots help companies to create content that appeals to all kinds of learners (Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, Kinaesthetic) and fill up possible knowledge gaps in their training process. Hotspot content can also be updated and changed frequently depending on need and relevance.

Manufacturing plants and Retailers can use Hotspots to develop and share safety guides, floor plans, SOPs, logistics and sharing information throughout their internal employee network using embedded images. They are also the perfect solution to help train Temp workers who need to be brought up to speed quickly.

Learning modules developed using Hotspots can help improve safety as well as help reduce human error by providing readers with contextual content when they need it most. Imagine a floor plan that can be updated every hour to reflect the movement of product, flag emergencies, convey information all in real time.

There can also be visual content embedded in the form of QR codes on all important machinery that offers quick tutorials and operation guidelines in an easily accessible and downloadable format.  This leads to an empowered Blue collar workforce that has quick access to information that reduces safety risks and improves efficiency across the board .

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