Renyoo is reimagining learning with interactive content.

Renyoo is reimagining learning with interactive content.
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Over the last decade, technology innovations such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality Interactive content and Gamified learning have found their way into modern classrooms. These technologies have also led to an increase in the level of motivation and engagement in the classroom by moving away from rote learning to promoting a more collaborative and experiential learning pedagogy.

Renyoo is a free image annotation and content creation tool that is helping tutors reimagine learning by making lessons more engaging through interactive content. Renyoo can be used to create visual learning aids that combine different kinds of rich media such as images, video, audio, web pages and more. This helps students learn faster and more efficiently

Here’s how Renyoo is helping tutors and students with a better learning experience both inside and outside the classroom!

Helps create structured, visual, learning aids

Blackboards and Whiteboards have been at the center of classroom learning since time immemorial. In recent times they’ve given way to Projectors and Powerpoint presentations. Renyoo is the next logical upgrade in this evolution, the app helps tutors create interactive images by embedding them with Video, Audio, Websites, Text and more. It’s a tool that allows them to compile all the relevant information that they’ve found on the topic in a bite-sized format. It helps tutors to plan their lessons better and provide students with quick notes and references to aid their learning process. Here’s an interactive image created to give students an overview of the planets in the solar system. Notice how each hotspot speaks about the distinctive quality of that particular planet.

Facilitates collaboration between tutors and learners in real time.

Often teaching tends to become a one-way communication instead of a conversation due to the nature of classroom dynamics. The tutor dictates and the students take notes, or even worse the tutors prescribe a laundry list of reference material and the students keep mugging up blindly. Renyoo’s powerful collaborative features help democratize the classroom and encourage open communication between tutors and students.

Tutors can create shared projects and notes using the Renyoo app and add all the students as collaborators. The students can then ask questions, clarify doubts, add their own research and more on the project while the tutor acts as a moderator to ensure that the project takes the right direction. This increased involvement also increases networking between the student peers and creates a shared resource bank that everyone learns and benefits from.

Drives learning efficiency by 4X

Learners with disabilities who have special needs are often unable to participate in standardized classrooms which are skewed to serve one kind of learner. Children with dyslexia or ADHD who have trouble focusing while reading or writing are often left in the lurch.

In such scenarios, interactive content can help bridge the gap and help these students keep pace. Tutors can include images, video, audio transcripts as part of the learning modules so that they are accessible to everyone. Visually challenged students can benefit through audio transcripts while students with hearing challenges learn through rich images and video representations.

Help digitize course material and save costs

Tutors can use Renyoo to help students stay on top of their coursework and make sure that they don’t miss a beat. Video lectures, audio clips of readings, website references can all be shared with students in seconds via the Renyoo app. Students can receive digital copies of these notes instantaneously and the best part is that they can be updated in real time. So whenever the tutor adds some new point or reference to the shared file, it’s updated in seconds for everyone. Students can save a fair share of their Tuition expenses using these digital assets instead of expensive physical textbooks and notes.

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