We’re helping restaurants up their service game with order customization.

We’re helping restaurants up their service game with order customization.
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The restaurant business today is one of the most challenging industries to be a part of. Customer’s expectations from their takeout or dine-in experiences are ever evolving, with customization and personalization being the name of the game.

Whether your customers are; on a keto diet, gluten sensitive, vegan or have a nut allergy, they are looking for ways to ensure that their meals are perfectly matched to their palates and their health regimens.

Millennials and Gen Z have also come to expect convenience, exceptional service, affordable price points and quick turnaround times as a given in today’s hyper competitive market. Innovation in food and service tech are helping QSRs keep pace with changing demands and helping them provide customers with the coveted personalized experience.

Renyoo, an image annotation technology app, is one such innovation that has become an essential weapon in every restaurateur’s tech stack. From order customization and personalization to faster delivery times, Renyoo can help improve efficiency across the entire service function.

Here’s how restaurants can leverage Renyoo to help deliver a more personalized ordering experience.

Create visual menus to help customers pick and choose.

 One of the major reasons behind Subway’s runaway success has been its innovative order customization process. Customers can build their own sandwich from the ground up and choose every ingredient from the bread to the veggies, proteins, sauces, and condiments.

Imagine if this process could be replicated digitally. With Renyoo’s image annotation technology, restaurants can make interactive menus that detail all ingredients present in a dish in a visually appealing manner. Visual menus can be designed such that customers can add or delete ingredients of their choice and also leave specific instructions to the chef, such as ‘cook the steak medium rare’ or ‘add extra honey glaze’ etc.

Spice things up with ‘specials of the day or week’.

To stay relevant in an age where everything is just a click away, restaurateurs need to offer their clients a variety of options and customization choices. Most chefs love to keep things fresh by curating special menus based on seasonal ingredients or local festivities. However, it can get very cumbersome to print out a new menu each time inspiration strikes. A digital menu made with Renyoo can be updated with new dishes in a matter of minutes giving customers variety at their fingertips.

Simplify order taking for your waiters and kitchen staff.

Memorizing thousands of orders in a day can get pretty tiring and monotonous for wait staff. This fatigue leads to them missing out on order details over time and can lead to hundreds of disgruntled customers. Renyoo’s image annotation tech can be used by waiters to make digital notes of orders and customizations, this can be in the form of voice notes, text or even videos. This can then be sent to the kitchen staff instantaneously without missing out on a single instruction. Digitizing the order taking process can help streamline the service function and slash down wait times and inefficiencies due to human error. 

Create personalized offers and content to drive sales.

Renyoo is the perfect content creation tool for restaurateurs starting off on their digital marketing journey. Visual content created on the app can be used to create attractive landing pages for promotions, websites, blogs, social and more. All it takes is a creative bent of mind and a few minutes on the phone and restaurateurs can narrate the story behind the restaurant’s culture, ingredients, cuisine and more with authenticity. In the era where almost everyone is a food critic or a blogger, sharing personalized offers and content to customers via Email, Whatsapp or Social media can do wonders for your business and result in great word of mouth and referrals for your restaurant.

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