Are You An Aspiring Food Blogger? – Don’t Let Your Pictures Be Bland

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Food is a lot about taste. But, even the tastiest of foods can be unappealing if it’s not presented right. Garnishing, cutlery and the right tableware is the key to make your already-perfect food more appealing. Similarly, it takes a little extra to make your food blog stand out from the clutter.

Now, picture this, After an hour or two of hard work, you have the perfect recipe ready-to-go. You click the perfect picture of your dish and you post it online. After a few minutes, you expect the image to receive a certain amount of engagement, but the cruel reality is that it doesn’t. Why? Because the image is not conveying the context (despite you writing long descriptions about your creative process).

How can Renyoo help?

Renyo helps you take your food blog to the next level with pictures that appeal to all the senses, similar to that elusive perfect dish. Use ‘Hotspots’ for multimedia annotations such as Audio, Video, Text and more to convey the entire story of what’s on your plate without missing out on a single detail.

Take your followers through a step-by-step walk-through:

Renyoo helps you insert audio tracks on the image. So, to make your creative more context-driven and more engaging, you can voice-record the entire process of your recipe or your thoughts on this recipe and upload the track on your image. So, when it’s posted online, people can tap on your image and listen to your voice recording.

Make “How To” and “Ingredients” checklists:

Renyoo allows you to embed rich text onto your images. You can use this feature to write down all the ingredients with the necessary quantities/portions right on the image. When the audience taps on your image, they will get the entire text-instructions that you have provided. They can always take a screenshot of your hotspot or save it for future reference.

Let Them Know The Inspiration Behind Your ‘Finger-licking Good’ Recipes:

The essence of most recipes is the story that builds to that point. Help your followers and audience understand what struck you to make that killer recipe.  Was it a video that you watched on a loungy Saturday evening? Or was it an article from your favorite chef? Let people know the inspiration behind your recipes by pasting that URL on your image.

Syndicate and monetize your content better:

Do you have your own recipe book? Is it on sale and want your audience to buy it with a unique link and track it? You can do so with Renyoo. The app lets you paste links on your image. So, you can make use of this feature by pasting a unique link on your image and make it easy-to-buy for the ideal prospect.

Renyoo’s features are that extra pinch of spice to your perfect dish that you didn’t know you needed … until you did. Take your food blog to the next level, download now at

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